Sunday, 16 March 2014

Gateway Games - Space Crusade

Hello all it has been a while. A gaming slump comes to us all and mine has been long. However it always ends and mine came to an end with a game of Space Crusade with my niece and nephew.

Ah the heyday of GW boxed games
  A good way to indoctrinate the new generation, also to improve math skills, to the joys of killing alien scum with steroid enhanced warrior monks.

    This is how me and my brother first got into 40K. it was an easy to play fun game that seems to be missing now. There is no gateway to Warhammer, the rules are quite intricate although they are easier than the early rules.

The long hairless arm of EVIL
   Now I am moving bases and they only play 40k there so I have 3 months to learn and not be utterly rubbish. So I have got some Tyranids and intend to smash in some games to get my mojo back and learn the rules.

  However unlike here I will not have my 7 year old nephew to call on to rescue my ass as above. Also I have some Dystopian wars stuff to paint and play. And if you can get to play some Space crusade then do so, it is still a great game and fun to play.


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  2. Was an awesome game! The glee experienced by the kids on destroying the minions of the Hairless arm of evil was only supposed by my joy at reducing your 4 marines to molten slag! Great game!