Sunday, 31 March 2013

Fitz Faces Off ( Battle Report Part II)

   With battle yet to be full joined Fitz awaited the Daemons next move. The ground shaking behind him heralded the arrival of his greatest challenge, the Bloodthirster. Katya watched as the blue horrors gibbered their way into the side of the zombies. She also knew that the Juggernauts were making their way around the graveyard with the Furies and Flamers. Now was the time of reckoning.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fitz covered in Ichor (2400 point battle report I)

   Fitz stood before the arrayed monstrosities, blue in colour as though they mocked his Lady's heritage, who had materialised in Her lands. He would not be able to slake his physical thirst for blood on these things but his psychological need was close to being released. Violence was at hand.

   Fitz knew his troops lacked the subtlety of the mortals and the deployment of his troops was simple, as his Mistress had told him he was...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Come Back To What You Know

And I will be taking everything real slow. The less said about my attempt to find a new club the better, moving swiftly on I have a 2400 point Warhammer game on monday against the new Daemons. I have yet to see the new book and I have not played for a few months so I am a bit rusty.

  So I have decided to resurrect my Vamps from their crypt. This will mean things are a little easier on me....

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The search for a new Club

   While I was away we moved house. I have moved to sunny Falmouth, although at the moment it seems to be a bit wet and cold (on a side note never move into a house with storage heaters as they are utter tosh), so now I have the unenviable job of finding a new club to play toy soldiers in!

   And that is a representation of my spare room and somewhere in there are my little men.....

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Waking Up

   So time has passed and I am, thankfully, still alive. However I find myself woefully ill informed about this new world that I have come popped back into.


   G.W has released Daemons, Spartan has a new ruleset, Kingdom Death has done a kickstater, there was a christmas, a new year, a ton of video games and new Mass Effect 3 DLC and to top it all off I have moved house and my wife put all my stuff in the cold garage. 
   At least I can see the sunshine. And I look forward to reading the many blogs that I have missed out on. Now I am going to cleanse the smell of submarine off me, it may take some time.