Monday, 29 December 2014


Well 6 months. Since then I have moved house, gone on draft 260 miles from my new house and started gaming again. Then where I am has the internet speed of a lazy sloth on sleeping pills so doing anything on the internet is now painful. Kickstarter projects have even begun! Since then I have had Heroes of Normandy, Relic Knights, Golem Arcana, All Quiet on the Martian front, Myth, Shadowsea and Dust!
  At my new club we have recently got a warmachine player. No one else plays it, they mainly play 40k. So as I am usually trying to push other games on them I thought it would be a bit hypocritical if I did not give it a go. So in the new year he is going to show me how to play. 

So off i went to my local store in Truro and looked at the armies and picked up the ones I thought looked coolest. Clockwork Angels!!!!! Sold. However I now know I chose the most difficult to learn faction so they may be benched while I learn to play. These are the Convergence of Cyriss, not crysis as I originally thought.

  They are nearly done but need all the glowing glass work doing. then to attack the rest that are lurking in the background!

Later. (but not as long this time hopefully!!)

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