Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fitz covered in Ichor (2400 point battle report I)

   Fitz stood before the arrayed monstrosities, blue in colour as though they mocked his Lady's heritage, who had materialised in Her lands. He would not be able to slake his physical thirst for blood on these things but his psychological need was close to being released. Violence was at hand.

   Fitz knew his troops lacked the subtlety of the mortals and the deployment of his troops was simple, as his Mistress had told him he was...


                                                 ......, but he intended to remove their taint from Her lands by brute force and undying combat. As he looked across the field he noticed that these daemons had changed from the last batch he had fought many years ago and wondered what differences they would have but then was taken with visions of ripping them in half, which cheered him up a little.

   Lost in his visions Fitz heard a cry and looked up to see the daemons charging forward to meet him. Fitz smiled. The daemons ran forward on mass directly towards his lines, he briefly heard warpfire and felt a change in the wings of magic, his necromancer was complaining about the smell of singed bone and dog hair. He then gave the order to move forward and his entire line moved forward. On the far left he heard the howl of the varghulf as it thundered forward. Fitz felt the surge in the winds of magic. Katya, Her majesty's 6th most beloved necromancer, felt the order to sacrifice her unit so removed herself from certain death and with Vanhels macabre incantation pushed the skeletons towards the howling blue bloodletters. She shook her head in the thought that if she survived the battle she would have the task of fixing them.

   Katya looked at what could have been her fate with relief as she saw and heard the bloodletters smash into her skeletons. Behind them she noticed a massive blue monster take to the skies and dive down towards the varghulf. Warpfire then swung towards her and destroyed skeletons next to her, more work she thought.

Fitz, Her Majesty's lapdog

   Fitz saw the Bloodletters swiftly cut through the skleletons but they held firm, his necromancer would boost them soon he thought, but his attention was pulled to his left as he heard the death rattle of his sweet beast. The varghulf had succumbed to the brutal onslaught of the Bloodthirster. Fitz felt the angry as with the destruction of his direwolves on the right, to the juggernaughts, and the varghulf on the left he had no flank support. More daemons to destroy for him though.

   Fitz and his graveguard charged into the exposed flank of the bloodletters with the lumbering crypt horrors joining in too. Filled with dark energy the zombies ran at a pace unheard of and jumped on the daemonnettes with an unusual vigour.

Katya, 6th most beloved Necromancer

   Katya attempted to raise the undead warriors back to life by shping the dark magic around her but found resistance from the other side too overwhelming and her exertions ended with alot of arm waving and no undead returning to the battle. She then heard a howl of hatred that filled her with terror, she knew that Fitz had been unleashed.

   Fitz met the daemons with a song in his heart. He was no longer Fitz Her Majestys lapdog, he was Babfemi ancient warrior of Lahmia from before the exile. His blade was the instrument and the cries of the returning bloodletters was his music. He knew that the sacrificial skeletons had finally been crushed but Fitz did not care. He felt the tide of combat was with him as he saw the daemons shimmer but they held firm and rematerialised in a new formation facing him. Katya watched as the daemonettes sliced into the zombies but she was surprised so few fell, smelly beasts as they were she heard the screams of daemonettes as they returned to the immaterial dimension they came from.

   With that the battle hug in the balance, Fitz knew that the bloodthirster was behind him, the juggernauts were out of site and the blue horrors were yet to join the battle. The mortis engine was building up, with the corpse cart yet to figure both sides knew they had reserves to throw in.

 To be continued...... 
( This is written from my perspective, as a player I mean not a homicidal vampire, and thanks to my opponent for allowing me to publish the pictures.)

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