Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The search for a new Club

   While I was away we moved house. I have moved to sunny Falmouth, although at the moment it seems to be a bit wet and cold (on a side note never move into a house with storage heaters as they are utter tosh), so now I have the unenviable job of finding a new club to play toy soldiers in!

   And that is a representation of my spare room and somewhere in there are my little men.....
   So the search has begun. Falmouth, in England, is a rural town albeit, quite large, which leads to the problem of finding somewhere local. Then there are all the problems of entering into a new club with their established cliques and friendships. So tonight I am taking the plunge with a local(ish) club with a recce. Hopefully that will lead to getting some Dystopian wars games in. Although I will still be leading a 2 centre life so i will be able to get my warhammer fix at my old club every now and then.

   Today though, I am on leave for a week, i get to sort through all my stuff and somehow make sense of the myriad of boxes that form a wall between me and my hobby. Then i have to  try and set up a nice painting station in the new house. I truly miss having my own room to mess up as saw fit.
  So after that good whine I hope to soon have some battles to report and some painting to do.


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