Sunday, 31 March 2013

Fitz Faces Off ( Battle Report Part II)

   With battle yet to be full joined Fitz awaited the Daemons next move. The ground shaking behind him heralded the arrival of his greatest challenge, the Bloodthirster. Katya watched as the blue horrors gibbered their way into the side of the zombies. She also knew that the Juggernauts were making their way around the graveyard with the Furies and Flamers. Now was the time of reckoning.

    Fitz pushed his way through his Graveguard to face the Bloodthirster as it roared in an unintelligible tongue its hatred. Fitz had the luck of his Lady as he dodged most of the daemons blows only 2 landing and bypassing his protections. In return the bloodthirster fended off his attacks and he managed to only land a single wound on the abomination, he knew he would not survive another round against this screaming monstrosity. Then the Bloodletters began their work and tore into the Graveguard, decimating them. Without his help the Graveguard and Crypt horrors struggled to dent the Bloodletters. Fitz felt the magic around him draining away as the Crypt horrors dissipated into goo and his men collapsed into dust. However his unit survived and he readied himself for the next round.

   Katya watched as the amorphous mass of horrors in front of her, with the Daemonettes, failed to destroy the zombies and they shambled on. Suddenly  she felt invigorated with dark power and heard the scream of a single fury as the Mortis engine built up it's dark magic. And with that she felt the command to push forward into the horrors.

    Fitz saw the ghouls bound forward into the side of the Bloodthirster, bringing with them hope he may yet survive this encounter. With his command that the Mortis engine and Corpse cart come closer to aid him, he knew he had everything in place to turn his position around. With the dark magic ascendant he commanded his men to rise with the power of ancient Nehekhara, twisted to his cause, he felt his injuries knit together and a crypt horror solidified from the liquid it had become. However his own men had nowhere to rise to and stayed dormant. This incantation found the corpse cart and reflected back towards him filling him with vigour.

   Katya knew she had to bolster the zombies with new recruits so unleashed her magic. Katya saw the zombies rising anew, then began to feel the winds escaping from her control and with the Mortis engine nearby knew it would be beyond her ability to control. Katya prepared to receive the feed back. However she could not remember what from, she stood staring at the sky, struggling to recall what she was doing. Something to do with magic. Oh well she thought best get on with avoiding these pretty blob's attentions.

   Fitz began his attack on the Bloodthirster, moving so fast and slicing 2 great gouts into his foul hide but failing to finish him.  Fitz looked as the ghouls swarmed the bloodletter but he roared his defiance and flung them off with no injury. The Bloothirster then turned his attentions to the ghouls pulverising some into mush.

Fitz began his assault again on the Bloodthirster knowing that the bloodied monster could not hold out for long against him and his minions. Fitz charged forward and released the beast inside himself but his rage had clouded his mind and he failed to land a single blow that told. But while the Bloodthirster fought Fitz, the ghouls swarmed over him and their poisoned claws caused too many wounds for even a Daemon to discount. His scream tore open reality that returned him to khorne's ire. Just as the last grave guard returned to the earth the corpse cart and Mortis engine crashed into the side of the Bloodletters. Who without their lords aid could not stand long against Fitz's anger. And with the loss of combat Khorne pulled them home.

   However Katya watched as  Tzeentch claimed a soul as the changeling took a vampire down with his tricks and subterfuge leaving her alone with only a dwindling guard of skeletons to protect her .

Fitz looked around, although he stood alone, he knew that with the loss of the Bloodthirster and the Bloodletters he held the upper hand. Even with the late arrival of the Fleshounds.

   Katya knew that without her knowledge to raise more skeletons to her cause she would struggle to keep the blue creatures away from her. As the combat finished she let a sigh of relief pass her cold lips that she had survived. That relief turned to panic as she could not stop the air passing out her mouth as she felt her soul being sucked away by the vacuum of dark magic. Katya souless body collapsed onto a pile of bones as the blue horrors danced over her.

Fitz then began a blur of destruction destroying the furies, as the daemonettes were taken apart by the Crypt horrors and Mortis engine as the corpse cart was ravaged by the fleshhounds. Fitz avenged the loss of the cart by slowly dissecting the Fleshhounds.

   As the day ended the chaos gods recalled their minions and left the field to the Undead. Fitz walked among the piles of bones and looked down at Katya's greying body. He would have to explain her death to Her Majesty and attone for his lax protection of her assets. But at least the land was clear of the untidy daemons that had the temerity to to trespass and bring disorder to her world.

 ( I have spent a long time on turn 3 as I thought that it was a pivotal moment. If the bloodthirster had beaten my vampire then it would have been a much harder fight to just have a draw yet if  won that particular battle, save a disastrous turn, I would have had the initiative. With the corpse cart giving its bonus at the right time with ASF I had a winning combo. After that it was for me to lose the battle. as a strigoi king is quite a tough combat beast. This was a fun game, made so by a good opponent who is still working out the new book against a list I have used before. So thanks to him for a good time.)

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