Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fantascape bases with added Skink

Nearly finished with my skinks as I have finally got round to basing them up, damn you Xcom.

   The bases are from a company called Fantascape. They produce round and square bases in a resin so I went for Ancient Necropolis, these lizards have come to the desert for a bit of undead bashing.

  They come unpainted in a nice grey. So I have painted them up in my basic desert colours with Snakebite Leather, Balor brown in new terms however I am sure it is a bit too light. With the stone ontop painted with Dheneb Stone.

These are the 20x20 for the skinks. The detail on the bases are nice with the heiroglyphics coming through nicely with a wash of badab black. Then a light coloutring of the artwork to stop the bases all looking too similar.

   Some chariot bases for the stegadons which are yet to be painted themselves.

 For the Kroxigors and salamanders. All I have left now is to put down a little flock and long grass, along with some models on some, and it will all be done.

So they are nearly finished. The bases themselves are nice, have good detail and are reasonable on price. For £8 I got 20 bases 20x20mm, 3 chariot for £12, 3 Monstrous infantry for £7. I think this is quite good value. The company that makes them is in the UK and is a one man band so it is nice to support an emerging company that makes nice things. The only problem I had was that it took an age to arrive in the post, this would not be a problem in the past but in the internet age I am used to getting my stuff quite quickly especially when it is in stock. But that is a minor gripe for such nice bases and I will order them again!


And remember "Stay in cover"


  1. Nice unit, and great bases to go with them! Fits the bill so to speak for the LM army.

  2. Thanks! They work nicely with all my other armies, in that they are all desert based.