Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sturginium Wessels Part 1

Moved back to do some Dystopian wars and finish off my Russian Coalition (RC) Ships. Here I will talk about and show the RC Battleship.

I should really clean the cloth of flock!

So lets have a look at it.....

   The RC "Borodino" Battleship comes in the fleet starter pack. Lets look at the ships pros and cons here:

  • It has an Extra HP to other Battleships
  • All the guns point the same way so it is easy to get linked fire, point and shoot.
  • It can take damage well. The three guns all have good damage values and when the ship has taken a few hits they are still going to be useful
  • Good broadside values 
  • It has a ram. No other Battleships have a ram value ( I do not have the French book and have yet to face a French fleet so I am unaware of their ships).
  • Ablative armour. This will save it at long range and it needs the help. It keeps the DR is 10 till you surpass the CR of 10 then drops to 6.
  • It has a high AP value but......


  • Conscripted crews mean that you are going to struggle against others in boarding assaults, they need a 4+ and the RC crew needs a 5+ to hit.
  • Poor AA and CC stats. CC offset to some degree by the Torpedo Breaker generator ( I will talk about this at a later stage)
  • Main guns have only RB1 and RB2. So you need to get close, RB2 is up to 16". Broadsides are RB3.
  • Massive blind spot to the rear, no guns at all just a trail of vodka bottles.

  Now there are fewer cons but they are big ones. The RC needs to get in close and fast. It is a very blunt tool, go forward and shoot stuff, no messing about or kiting around like my FSA. The only choice you have for generators is a Torpedo breaker or Mimic.(I shall talk about the RC options tomorrow.) These are nice options and make up for the poor AA and CC stats but are situational and only affect one attack per activation, however this is a bit fuzzy as does this mean once per turn or per activation of different squadrons.

    Overall this is a good ship and fits in nicely with the rest of the fleet. It is just a simple ship with a a simple purpose. Hopefully this has given a you a quick overview of the Borodino.

   The colour scheme is a dark grey, trying to produce a mean and menacing look with some steam punk copper and dirty silver. The metal ram shows the business end of the boat, especially as the model is forward focused.


  1. I really like the color scheme you have taken on here. Also the write up of the pro/cons of this ship are quite interesting ( as is the vodka bottle reference.. true story! ).. Have you played it in a game yet? And have any first hand experience as to how it does? Would be interesting to see your points of views in those areas also.

    1. I have not played this in game yet. I am an FSA player and so really I should do a piece on them but these are the new toys so to speak. I am however really looking forward to getting it into a game soon and changing the way I play.