Monday, 1 October 2012

Skink Skirmisher Base pt 2

After a small break I decided to get the Skirmisher base finished.

 So After cutting the long grass to a rough length and covering everything in PVA glue. Then began the laborious process of putting the grass in place.

   And it was a fiddly process of getting it all the right length and sticking it down. Till the whole base was covered.

The was the job of styling the crazy hair. Trying to make sure it all stuck up in the right direction. And with it looking like some mangy cats fur it needed a trim and a clean up.

Then when cut just add skinks. Now "all" I need to do is paint the chameleon skinks the right colour, as I helpfully painted them a basecoat green. It looks alright but I don't think I will be doing it again!



  1. Looks good, that's alot of tall grass. Where did you get the grass stuff from?

  2. The grass is from Model Zone, they have loads of flock and basing material, for train sets.