Saturday, 27 October 2012

Pitched Battle - Rams Vs Patriots

Not gaming related but an adversarial encounter by 2 men with players on a field.

  In London this weekend to watch large blokes smash into each other in the gladiatorial arena of wembley.

   I know to you Rams and Patriots fans that having your team disappear for a week may be a pain but for us over here it is great. I have done this for a few years now, mainly due to my wife forcing me to go at first, and I love it. It is a great occasion and enormous fun.

 I have been a washington redskins fan since the 80's when my Dad brought me back a redskins shirt yet I have never been there so feel a bit of fake. So whenever the teams come here I dutifully support the home side and shout myself raw for them. After all if they can be bothered to come here it is the least I can do.

    So can the Rams defence silence the Patriots and Brady? I hope so. Either way it is going to be a great game! FSA!FSA! sorry got that wrong. USA!USA! And the Rams.



  1. Have a good time. I have not been to see an NFL game in years but I did get to see one of the greatest running backs in NFL history when I was a kid. Anytime he touched the ball he could break one for a TD. Unfortunately he also got tackled for a loss often and played his entire career for one of the worst teams in the league and it only got worse when he retired still in his prime.

    1. I had a great time.Sometimes it is a great shame to see a good player in a poor team, wasted potential and all that but it always give you hope that he can turn it around. Oh the joys of supporting a rubbish team. loyalty is a harsh bitch.