Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sturginium Wessels - Black Bear Groan

Having been on a mini splurge for my gaming habit I now have a fleet of vessels to paint. So the undercoating has begun.

   I have added ground forces and a Polish-Lithuaninian ally. So lets have a look....

   I shall start with the Zamiec Class Sky Fortress as it is such a nice model.

   This fills the empty space the RC have with no Aerial carrier. It does not hold with the RC doctrines so is fast and has normal crew. It also has the combat drop MAR so can put some nice tanks or infantry where you wish.


  Here we have the Pesets a nice Diving class model that looks the most elegant of the RC fleet.

This is the Rudinitsky Cruiser. This is the repair ship to service the RC fleet. It has only a little mortar to attack with but the auxiliary nature of this ship is its real weapon. Able to repair HP to units it has a place in the fleet. Although it is quite a big ship so hiding it maybe a challenge.

   This is my first Armoured model and I will be following up this with an Armoured starter set. The Kursk Land Dreadnought is a monster and looks just brutal. I prefer the RC Armoured look to the FSA, although the land train looks interesting, it looks like this will grind you down with the almost gear like wheels.

   Now the challenge is to get it all painted. Good job I have some time off and Feel like watching some crappy daytime TV.

 Later then.

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