Friday, 5 July 2013

Guns of the Porte - Ottoman WiP

Having some time off is nice to get back into some painting. If only the weather was worse then I would not feel the urge to go into the real world. After wracking my brain for a colour scheme I settled on a wooden look, even though the ships are metal and flyAnyway onto the pictures.

   The base colour is Balor Brown. This is supposed to be a replacement for Snakebite Leather by GW. However it is a shade lighter so I can only assume that GW hate me as SL was a favourite of mine. First they kill Flesh wash years ago, this hurt me alot, and now this.

   This is my test piece to darken the brown with some agrax earthshade. So It seems it just may work.

  The superstructures painted a pale grey, Deneb stone, for darkening later.

   Frigates with darkened hull and without.
   Armoured cruisers with a metallic hull as they are armoured.

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