Monday, 8 July 2013

Guns of the Porte - Sinop & Avci class Ottomans Painted

Today I got the first Domes and Minaret ships painted up. Th Aci class Destroyer and the Sinop class Armoured cruiser

I really must clean the felt, cat hair gets everywhere!

   For the Armoured cruiser instead of the wooden look I went for an Ironclad type feel. So Tin Bitz was used and washed with Agrax. The superstructure was again Dheneb and black wash.

The domes, which look very washed out in the photos, are done with a blue glaze followed by a green. This gives a nice turquoise colour to them.

   Here we have an unfinished part on the back, this is for the CAP all armoured cruisers have. As I have yet to decide on a scheme for the fliers I will leave this out till later. 
   Onto the destroyers. Nice small ships with two big guns. That is all, move along now.
   Balor brown hull, washed twice with Agrax boltgun metal guns and Hashut copper pipework.

   The last picture came out very blue for some reason. These ships were a joy to paint and came out quite well with little faffing around. Next up the Cruisers which promise to be a bit more fiddly.

    I have however got all the colours sorted now so it should be a bit easier.


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