Sunday, 28 July 2013

Guns of the Porte - Tiny Fliers

Had my first game for a while this week and used my FSA. I however got destroyed but had fun and I am getting back into the swing of things. So onto the Ottomans tiny fliers.

   For these fliers they will be detached from the base and put in a more dynamic flying position. This involves a bone saw and patience.

   Ottoman tiny fliers, although in the lower right corner there is an RC interloper, ready for the operation.

A picture of me sawing stuff. This happened 20 times in between Civ 5 turns. I still have sore fingers from catching myself and it was quite fiddly. Eventually you end up with this:
Here we have all the fliers cut off the base and cleaned. The saw creates ALOT of fine resin powder that gets everywhere. I had to brush them down and cut off some edges but they all survived and are ready.

I put a small hole on the underside of the flier, with a craft knife, for the wire. The wire is just ordinary locking wire, easy to manipulate and cut. The wire is however tough enough to not bend when knocked.

 Here is a lone recon plane.

   The dive bombers, no torpedo bombers though for the Ottomans so no low flying fliers!

   And some plane old fighter planes.

   Points of caution are:
  • Be careful with the bone saw it is easy to slip. I quite like the ends of my fingers and on occasion was close to thin slicing them!
  • The fliers come off quite well just do not blow the dust off your saw as the fliers are small and will go too, searching on the floor for your missing plane is not fun and leads to odd questions by members of your household.
  • When putting the hole in the bottom of your flier do not go too far they are not that thick.
  And now to finish them and arrange into wings!



  1. Quite awesome. Dif u loose many the first few times you did it or did they all survive?

    1. No they all came off in one piece. They are surprisingly tough. The thin saw helped.