Thursday, 4 July 2013

Terror from the East - The Ottomans Arrive

(Or the West depending on your viewpoint)

   Hi all it has been a while. Life and work has curtailed all my gaming habits but it seems to be returning to normal. I have been dragged out of my funk by the Ottomans for Dystopian Wars. The look of the ships is amazing and very unique in the DW universe. As an Alliance nation they do not have access to a full suite options. They have a great navy but no Airforce beyond Tiny Fliers and the small Minelayers who have no gunnery options. What they do have are broadsides that make my FSA weep at RB4, airburst mines, weather control and turrets that shoot industrial waste at you.

   So we get the Naval Battle Group. This contains the Battleship, 4 Cruisers, 6 Frigates, 3 Small fliers, 8 mines and 10 tiny fliers.

   As usual with Spartan models the majority is resin, the frigates are metal which surprised me. All the minarets and volley guns are metal.

   The support group is the other box release containing the Dreadnought, 2 Armoured Cruisers, 4 frigates, 4 destroyers, 3 small fliers and 11 tiny fliers.

   Here they all are taking a relax after a little bath. Usually I would say that I do not wash the models but last time with my russians I did not and I had a few that the paint peeled off. It was more likely my spraying but I was not taking the chance.

   What i did forget to do was cut the stands down before adding the magnets. The Ottomans have surface skimmers and here it is not so much a skimmer as a flier, next to the Tunguska which is a flier.

    Here is the full support group undercoated. The dreadnought is a beast of a ship and is very imposing, as it should be really. The Islamic architecture on the ships carries through nicely and give the ships that Eastern feel.
    This is the Naval Battlegroup. Lots of surface skimmers so no barnacles to clean off these hulls.

   So now to paint these Yeni Cheri so they can defend the Empire from the Infidels!


  1. I have been waiting for these myself to get out. Glad to see them now, and also that they are such great sculpts! Really trying hard to resist the urge to pick them up at the moment due to how cool they look!

    Looking forward to seeing how they come out for you!

    1. Yes I have been waiting for these too. A good enemy for my russians. And that they look so good is an extra bonus. However thae paint scheme has caused me to burn out my imagination cortex.