Friday, 27 June 2014

Hive Fleet Something Something Dark Side

   As I am moving to a new club in September, due to a work relocation, and I know there they have a large 40k community I am trying to get my 40k stuff done.
   When the new Tyranids came out I thought I would do something different and non humanoid. So I bought a tonne of them and began to build. However as always I got distracted and they fell behind. So I have started again. So I have till September to get them painted up. And come up with a Hive Fleet name.
   So I have started with the Gargoyles.
   Once again going with blue, I have put Sotek Green and layered with Temple Guard Blue on their wings and Rakarth flesh on the body. all washed with Agrax earth shade. The Guns are Dwarven flesh layered with Cadian flesh.

   This should allow them to be painted quite quickly. The bases are only half done as I was doing some test pieces to see how they would come out. However I think they will stay with a purple and red colour scheme.
There is always one lollygagger.

 And finally here is a modern gargoyle with their old epic counter parts. As I do my 40k Tyranids I hope to also paint up some old Epic variants. However these ones were won off ebay and are painted to a good standard so may stay in Behemoth colours

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