Saturday, 7 June 2014

Kingdom death Architect WiP

  Due to the fact I have been put on a purchasing ban, due to a house purchase, I have realised I have LOTS of unpainted minis. So i have finally grown a pair of balls and decided to paint some Kingdom Death stuff, these models are so nice I am afraid of making a hash of them. 

  So i decided to have a go at The Architect. A fine model with quite a bit of flesh on show and quite large mammary glands, the pinup label gives that away though.

Random picture sizing does not help

I use GW paints, as I am lazy/have yet to learn how to blend properly, placed the base layers and gave her a wash. Now her little g-string bits were very fine and needed steady hands, however I have Parkinson hands and had to correct myself a lot.

   Now I researched female abs on the internet and after trawling through many, many unsavoury pictures I found at least on that showed the light off quite well. I apologise if the yellow stars offend you.

I have just found Win 8 editing tools so next time I may balance the light on these pictures

  Now I have to highlight and attend to the detailing of the skin and the white areas to take away from their blandness. I am going to attempt to due some sheer work. this may go horribly wrong.

  And Orks woohoo. If only I had not spent Andorra's GDP on Tyranids! Stupid, gorgeous bugs.

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