Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Architect WiP Part 2

  With the basecoats done and washed I started with the highlights. And as prophesied at the end of my last post my attempt at sheer painting would go horribly wrong and so it did. So I will have to hone my skills a bit more before I can finish this model. 

   I have highlighted the stomach a little and re-highlighted the cape a bit more. I have also done the hair a light brown highlighted with a yellow. The face was finished with some eyes and pink lips.
   The rest was just touching up and covering up my rubbish sheer attempt so the legs are lighter and not washed no.
   The base will be done later with the shoes highlighted and I think the glove is too bland and so needs something to distinguish it. The problem I have really with these models is that I have not got the game yet so I do not know what the board looks like. If I bae it incorrectly it will look out f place with the rest, so yet more procrastination.

   Below is a quick comparison between the resin, on the left, and the plastic version. The resin has more relief detail as seen on the models right leg with the feather things but apart from that there is very little difference which is a good sign for the Kickstarter. 


  1. Very nicely done. These models (IMO) are one of the hardest I've ever seen to paint. They are very small, fragile, and have an enormous amount of exposed skin. Very unforgiving. In addition to all of this, the skin tones make them difficult to photograph.

    That being sad, yours is coming out lovely! I wanted anyone reading to realize just how hard painting these guys is. My friend bought the boxed kit (which has 6 or 7 of them) and asked me to paint them...i flat out said no until my skill levels are up!

    1. Thanks. Yes they are intimidating models and have loads of skin. This means that they can look flat, especially on camera. But they are such lovely models!