Friday, 20 June 2014

My First Infinity - Tech Bees WiP 2

Just a short post today. With the main Mech done all attention turned to the technician. With the base colours done I have turned to trying to get some details done. I ran a stripe down her leg ME style with blue holdups and a blue top. The leather was done in a traditional colour with her mechanical arm support in metal.

    This is the look I was going for. The above is stolen from Black milk clothing in Australia. But in blue!

I am missing a few paints so the highlight on the blue will have to wait for a bit and i wish i had done the white in bone first instead of a strong white. Next up are the skin highlights and the whole head area so she does not look like she is squinting so badly. However these just arrived from the Kickstarter so I must try and focus!
It's a million to one but I will finish one project before starting this!

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