Thursday, 19 June 2014

My First Infinity - Tech Bees WiP

   This is my first Infinity model, I love the models but nobody plays this around me so I have yet to invest in any but a couple of the Bootleg models. The details on it are nice, the mechanical arm on mine has sheared off but is recoverable so I will put it back later.  

This is what it should look like
   I started off with the idea of doing it Mass Effect style with the stripe down the right arm. 

   So a base layer of grey and metallic silver for the mechanical parts. This was washed with a couple of black washes to darken it as it was a bit light for my liking. Then I took no more photos till I was done with the Mech.

   Some random wear on the Mech with blue lighting and the red stripe.I dry brushed the mech with lighter shades on grey to give it some relief and a gritty look. I think the Internals could do with a bit more colour and variation to the silver. 

   And so onto the maintenance worker, I am an engineer and none of my technicians look like this and I don't know where to start on the health and safety issues, she needs to stand out and so I am going to my usual blue and white. So all the base coats are done on her and requires washing with later highlights. Hopefully this will get done today. 


  1. Awesome work, rules are pretty cool too. Only model I have is a Pan-O cutter but that's buried under the plastic/resin crack mountain in the end room!

    1. I should get them really. However with the new box coming out I may wait. Sweet models though.