Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Quick look at X Wing

When this turned up at my FLGS I knew I had to have it. The models looked nice and the previews of it showed a simple game mechanic.And at £26 for a starter set this is a nice and cheap out of the box game.

After rushing home and opening the box (which is nice, small and of good construction) there where the models waiting for my grubby fingers to touch them. So in the starter set you get 2 TIE fighters and an X Wing. Also all the manouvring pieces, bespoke dice and all the cards you need.

   If you are getting this you are after the models too. As seen above the TIE fighters and X wing are nice. They are well painted and look like thier movie counter parts.

   If you have played Wings of War, or Wings of Glory as it is now, the mechanics are easily picked up. Basically you pick a maneuver from a little disc, then place the corresponding template to the front of the mini.

Sorry for the crappy pictures!

Then move the mini to the other end of the template. Easy! After the move you can choose an action like concentrate, evade or lock on. Each has a bearing on the attack phase.

In the attack phase the attacker rolls the red d8 and defender the green d8. The amount of die rolled depends on the Weapon rating of the ship and the agility of the defender. So an X Wing has a high weapon rating and TIE fighters have a high agility rating. The TIEs have a High Aglilty and low weapon with no shileds and the X Wing has a high weapon rating, lower agility but has 2 shields. Each ship has upgrades and different pilot skills that can be used to change the layouts. Each ship has hull points that take allow it to take damage before death, with the X Wing having shields which give it more hits.

Then there are the add-ons:

   The Y Wing which has an ion cannon, high hull points but is like a flying brick so has low agility. It also has 2 shields.

   The TIE Advanced is like the X Wing really.

   Anyone who played TIE Fighter on the PC should be aware of these and I really hope to see the TIE Defender!

   Although the game is at it's heeart a simple game there are many little bits and options that I have not mentioned, as I said at the top it is a quick look! It reads like it will be fun to play and games will be over quickly, so good for a quick blast at the end of the night or during some spare time!

   I will hopefully have a more in depth look at it later with some battle pictures!

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