Saturday, 10 November 2012

Dystopian legions - FSA WiP

After cleaning them up and base coating the guys I thought I would put up my thoughts so far on the FSA models and which is my favourite.

   First off quite a bit of flash had to be cleaned away and some mould lines. The mold lines were not too bad but with the detail on the model could run into some awkward places.. Now the models come on 2 different sized bases, 30mm and 40mm, and as you can see above not all of the models just slot in. Some do but others need to be trimmed, I have not done this properly as I intend to put them on other bases so they are just lightly glued in for painting.

   The models themselves are good and have nice details on them, especially the faces with some nice sideburns on show. If you have ever seen the film Gettysburg, subtitled: battle of the beards, you know what kind of facial fuzz to expect.

Sam Orlington

   Sam Orlington is the Character model and towers above the normal trooper and is immediately recognisable as a character model. Again he has good details and has a dynamic pose and that charlatan look of a snake oil salesman.

The 2 scouts from the starter box. The top scout is a great model and I think one of my all time favourites, the fact that it does not have boobs means that it must be a good sculpt, I love the fury in the models face and the motion of the pose leaves little doubt to the models intentions. The other scout is tracking his prey and has a thoughtful, serious intent. Great models.

   I am intending to go for a grey uniform and yellow detail in the stereotypical confederate uniform. I love that look and hope it will work on the troopers. For the scouts and outdoorsmen I am going for frontier brown, leathers and furs.

This is the grey and yellow look I am going for.

  Now to go and understand the rules! And to paint, paint and paint!


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