Sunday, 4 November 2012

Gunboat Politics - Tiny Flyers

A tiny post to go with tiny flyers.

What to say?

    Well lets look at the FSA MARs. For fighters we have Acrobatic Pilots which is a 5+ save. For our Torpedo bombers we have Superior Engines and More machine guns. Recons and Dive bombers get nothing.
  Well your fighter have a bit of resilience built in and will tear apart any tiny flyers they attack, It is more difficult against flying models as they will not hit as easily and they will take more damage. However no tiny flyers will bother you with some of these lurking. If your enemies likes carriers you need to take a squadron.
   Dive bombers are only taken when playing land battles, we have no need for them at sea. Due to the Torpedo bombers being better for us. The extra 2" movement means that we can get into position better and the extra AA makes us into fighter planes against larger flyers.
   Spotters are just that. Nothing to say, they see things and allow our Princetons to play about.
   Tiny flyers are our secondary infections, our opportunist attackers. God help the ship that has shredded defences when our torpedo bombers are around because no one else will. A damaged large capital class ship is a perfect target. Escorts can be a bit of a problem but middle to end game few should be left. And a CAP can destroy your chances due to being fighters but can be cleared away also remember tiny flyer AA is only 4" and your torpedos are 8" so try to attack away from the cap, those extra 2" help.
    The problem is once you have discharged your ordnance you have to re-arm. Have you brought one of our double decker carriers? If not that is a long way to the board edge.
   I always have them just hanging around waiting for that opportunity. The torpedo bombers can ruin peoples afternoon but if commited too early or put in harms way can end up littering the sea then you have a MARPOL incident to worry about too.
   Now to watch Last Resort. Hopefully it is not too rubbish.

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