Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Gunboat Politics - John Henry

And so to the flying robot, which always reminds me of Liberty Prime from Fallout 3.

"Embrace Democracy, or you will be eradicated!"

So what does our flying metal friend do?
   Well at first glances it is basically a flying Lexington. It loses some RB4 rockets, the Aft guns and the CC and gains 2" movement. This is where I went wrong when first using it. I treated it as a flying cruiser that can operate on its own. This is not what it is. 

Oooh fuzzy picture warning     

   So why not? Well it can go obscured when travelling, it has the Jettison damage MAR and is NOT a capital class. It can punch holes in medium ships with the robot boarding rules and an AP of 6. Up close most AA will bounce of it and if it does it will not hurt the AP in the assault. And as a medium class it will hit most ships regardless of type on a 4+, except in RB1 with the cannon. and as a flying model it can attack other flyers in RB1.

"Bite my shiny metal ass"

   The Henry's arms are good too. The cannon has Air hunter which is nice as obscured is very useful and you are essentially denying that hidey hole. And as an FSA vehicle you have to love rockets, if you don't go and live in the SUSA you pinko. With a respectable 4 AA too and DR/CR of 5/6 it rounds off a very nice unit.

"Democracy is non-negotiable"
   So what we have is a great model and a great unit. Good in the offense and a good defence. Great at boarding being a robot and a flyer too so terrain is no problem. And all at 60 points so it is a bargain too. Probably the FSA's best individual boarder, with good ranged punch.


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