Sunday, 11 November 2012

Size comparisons - Spartan v Werner Klocke v Dust v 40K v Kingdom Death v Epic

This an entirely unscientific ( Is that a word? It is now) look at the size comparisons for Dystopian legions against various other miniature makers. I have just intended this as a guide and that is all. The bases are slightly different and I am sure you will be able to see the differences.

Above we have from left to right a Dark Vengeance space marine, an FSA trooper, a DV cultist, A Werner Klocke and then another FSA trooper.

   Here are some more...

DV chaplain, Sam Orlington from DL, DV cultist leader, DL scout and Kingdom Death Twilight Knight (pinup)

 Sam Orlington, The Priest from Dust, Kingdom Death survivor, FSA trooper and a Forge world Death Korps of Krieg.

Sam Orlington and a Space Marine Captain from Epic.

This was just a quick look at the sizes to show what they look like together in case you are thinking of putting the Spartan troops with other systems. They are not like for like just a comparison.

   No painting today. Watched Homeland all day, except at 11.00 when I turned the BBC on to watch the Remembrance day coverage.



  1. They seem like a good size. Bulkier than the Dust figures (which are just a bit to thin and weedy, although probably more anatomically correct) but not quite heroic scale. The Kingdom Death are pretty big though.

    1. The big base helps the KD models. The GW is that "heroic" scale and all the dust models are thinner but they all look good in their respective game systems.