Friday, 9 November 2012

Dystopian Legions- Unboxing the FSA

Just got a nice parcel from Spartan. Inside I have got a load of Dystopian stuff. Legions and finally the expansion books for DW. This is just a quick look at what is inside those boxes. I will get more detailed pictures up when they are cleaned up.

I guess I could have tidied up the wires from the picture

So I got the starter set which comes with the miniatures, quickstart rules, data sheet, ruler and lots of dice. 2 Scouts, 2 buffalo hunters, 6 infantry, machine gunner, sergeant, officer and Character.

   There is alot of flash on the models but they are well cast and have nice detail. 

The rulebook is nice and they do not skimp on the dice in the box. The book is printed on good quality paper and looks to be the same as the download from Spartan.

These are the same 6 infantrymen as in the starter box.

Here we have the Observer unit. Just 2 miniatures and at first glance one is scratching his arse.

   I also got the fleet books even though they are in the expansion books, my fault but they will still be useful, and the updated cards for the FSA. So there we go, a very quick look at the stuff in the boxes. I will get better pictures up when I have cleaned the models and based them all up.

And a quick get well to my niece who is in hospital. Get well soon.



  1. Spartan sent an email saying my Germans are on the way! And thanks for the shout out. Getting better at last!

    1. I got no email saying it was on the way. Just a knock on the door. Just under coated them but our cold south west weather has messed up the paint.