Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Gunboat Politics - Lee Scoutship

This is one of the first units I painted as I loved the model. It looks good and has good stats too. It even survived being played with by my nephew so must be a solid model.

  Lets have a look....
                            ....at this nice blimp. A DR/CR of 5/6 is respectable especially as we can go obscured when we are not attacking. This will allow us to get in nice and close. The fore rockets at RB3 are a good small/medium ship killer. The broadsides are good too giving us a good offense nice and close especially when the enemy can only attack us with AA. And out the back we get some good bomb numbers. This is important when attacking shielded enemies as our bombs ignore that extra defence. So we have a good 360 offensive capability with 2 systems that ignore damage on our Lee.

    What else do we get? Jettison damage allows us to shrug off some damage, which on a unit that is already quite tough is great. Spotter is useful especially when fielding our gunships, allowing us to bombard. Armoured topside, well I have yet to use this and I cannot see a use for it. This MAR is useless and I wish it would get dropped as then at least Spartan would save some ink when printing the cards out. But then we have Sharpshooter which almost makes up for it. On the Lee it is a nice MAR as it leads to the next great thing about the Lee. This flying pickle has an AP of 5, put a squadron of 4 together and you have a boarding capability of 20.

   Here we have a good boarding unit that can increase its survivability by staying obscured, when it comes out to play has good offensive abilities and a healthy AP. Also with a MAR that can reduce the targets AP. We have a nice squadron that can get in amongst it and nothing is safe from the boarding capabilities it has. I like this unit and use it very aggressively, people soon learn to fear it. So not only does it look good, it is good.The drawbacks are it is a pricey unit and it has a movement of 8", just a little slow but not too bad and the price is still good for what you are getting.


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