Saturday, 3 November 2012

Gunboat Politics - Augusta Frigate

The last ship from the starter set and the smallest. The Augusta frigate is a little power house.

A quick look then......
                             .......and that is all it will be as there is little to say about this ship. It has a good DR/CR of 4/5 and this really makes it. your oponent is going to have to put in that extra effort to damage it. Yes the CR is the same as the rest, except the EoTBS, and it is more than likely that it will go down to a critical than being damaged. To face it is quite an annoying prospect because you are going to be damaging your oponent easier and he is going to get frustrated with the resilience of your frigates.

   Add in the small MAR and these guys become surprisingly tough. The fwd and aft guns are weak on there own but give excellent broadsides and mean that this ship has no real blind spots. the average AP/AA/CP of 2 mean these ships are good value and no easy targets.

    That is it really. This is a good solid ship for its points that will punish the opposition for ignoring them and take more damage to sink than they should, hopefully causing your opponent to over commit to take them down. I have had lots of fun with these guys as people can get hung up with taking down the big boats and ignoring these guys. They soon learn to take them seriously. As I have of Prussian frigates.


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