Friday, 2 November 2012

Sturginium Wessel Reinforcements

   Got the Rest of my RC fleet through the post yesterday. And I am very happy with  them. Don't know how they play yet but the models are nice.

    Lets have a look then....
                                             .... and the model i am most impressed with, as i did not think too much of it when i saw it in the book, was the carrier. The Kostoma class carrier is a lovely model.

   It comes with its own icebergs from the generator which is a nice touch. It is very long compared to most other ships and is very thin. This will help get those broadsides in! It continues the brutal look of the RC.

   The Moskva class dreadnought looks like the battleship with some beam turrets added. Which it essentially is, with a few added MAR points. It is squat, mean and to the point. Literally. It is the RC linebreaker meant to bludgeon its way through the enemy.

   The Tunguska class skyship comes right out of steampunk nightmares. A huge mas of cogs and looking like a flying wind up toy with guns. It is so ugly it is great. The rules aren't too bad either. The only thing I would say is the model comes with 4 small metal ablative armour pieces that can be stuck on anywhere. No idea where they go you can just make it up and I can see people getting upset with that, people are used to instructions now.
   The other models seen on the mat are the gunship, destroyer and medium skyship. All nice just less imposing and I shall show them when they are painted.

   I would like to say a thankyou to the guys at who are going through a site upgrade and were very helpful in my inquiries to get the RC models. I know they want my money but it is just nice to see good customer service.

   Also cats are annoying


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