Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dettol - The Smell of Failure

With all the Russian Coalition ships sitting unpainted and accusing me, not vocally, of not paying them enough attention I decided to do a batch painting session.

 I diligently undercoated them , however I seem to have done something to the cruisers and the undercoat cracked and fell off. I should have taken the hint and cleaned them then or hand undercoated the bare parts. But I decided to respray the missing paint. I then painted them grey. Then the disaster, CRACKS appeared and the paint began to peel off. Now I smell of dettol, a disinfectant, and I hate that smell, it smells of failure. And it smells, alot. But it is my own fault rushing.
     Anywhoo follow the link for pictures of my RC WIPs.

The dreadnought after the copper smiths have been at work.
   The Tunguska Skyship. Such big cogs!

   Here is a group shot with a painted battleship to show what they are aiming for. It is nice to see them come on but it is sapping my will to keep going. But if I do then the whole fleet will be finished and ready to terrorise the enemies of the Tzar.

   And hopefully the cruiser will be clean by tomorrow!


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  1. Looking good. Strange ' cos I love the smell of dettol, it reminds me of clean!!!