Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Legion of Boom - Painting the FSA Patriot

So I am away from home on course at my old stomping grounds. No better time to get some painting done, instead of doing my homework or anything productive. However my mobile internet is run by 2 hamsters in wheels, who I obviously don't whip enough, and my internet is as fast as treacle.

 As a break from the Dystopian Wars stuff I thought I would continue with some Dystopian Legions. Last Saturday I went out for some tea, the loose leaf kind not the late meal, and some how ended up with this in my bag along with the aforementioned tea. So lets have a look at the Patriot Armoured Carrier.

  It comes as a hard resin kit with some metal bumpers and bits. It goes together nicely and is really simple. as you can see above.

you can see some seats in the rear, unfortunately the turret is going here.
See, all gone. A bit of a shame really.
   So then after a black undercoat I put the basic colours down. These were mechanicum grey, dwarf bronze and chainmail. This gave it a raw look.
   The model is really easy to paint. It has nice details and good definition. the only downside so far is that as the track unit is one piece there are weird bits that are gaps between the cogs filled with resin. What to do with them?

   Washing the track with some Agrax earthshade to take the shine off it and running a highlight of Iyanden Darksun.

Aaahhh Flash.
Here I have given it a wash of Nuln Oil all over. The bright flash is not the best picture but I shall let it rest now and continue later.
   I leave with a picture of some treadbikes bits.



  1. Gotta love da tank!!! The bikes look good to, does the tank come with options of being a troop carrier or are those seats just wasted detail? Good paint job as well.

    1. Thanks, It is an APC rather than a straight tank. It is the only one out at the moment with a gun though. The detail is lost but Spartan may decide to bring out an open top one later but I doubt it