Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tomb Kings & Kingdom Death

As I plough on with the RC I thought I would go through my back catalogue a bit and show my Casket of Souls.

  I love this model, even without the KD woman, as it puts the fear into the opponent. Especially my own beloved Vampire Counts. Those exposed units outside the generals bubble will get punished.

  Skirmishers and light cavalry will get eaten by this and then it may jump around. Although the light cav may be isolated it make people jumpy by the mere presence on the field.
And then there is the extra power is provides in the magic phase, this allows you to have that bit extra over your opponent. Anyting & 1 is the worst combination, this allows you to add that advantage to dominate your magic phase.

  As a model this is the Finecast version and I think those that have come over from metal seem to show the problems. There was a big gap on the skeletons at the back. This was one of my first uses of green stuff. The photos hide it well.
   Then there is the KD model. I like KD models and the addition of the Preacher was just a way to add one to my Warhammer collection. I tried to put it as a dried up Liche Priest so painted it as a brown, dry woman.  It is a must in my Tomb Kings armies although don't get it in CC as it still sucks.

 This is the RC progress, wihtout cat, today. so much decking!


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