Thursday, 11 April 2013

Painting Procrastination - Models That Intimidate Me

As is often the case when I start painting I start to procrastinate to ensure I never finish the models. At My local club last night we got talking about different models and how they affect your view of game systems. Then it evolved into models you had but had not painted, ones that intimidated in various ways. So here are mine.

   I will go through each group of models and explain why they intimidate me and remain unpainted....

   I shall start with the Dust Warfare/Tactics Heavy walker.

   This Assault walker is a model I like and it should pose no real threat in painting it but look at all that flat space. I am afraid that painting the model will make it look lifeless and dull. The spaces need filling with rust or damage just to give the model some life. I always find with large vehicle models I baulk at the bit that should be easy to paint. So that is why it remains green.

   Next the Forge World Death Korps Rough Riders.

  These models are great and deserve a great paint job. One that I do not think I am up to the job of yet. Also all my other DK troops are purple and now I look back on them I wish I had done them a more traditional grey colour, I don't really like my paint job on them either. So they sit grey till I grow some ball and do them in a colour befitting the models.

  Next is Sam Orlington from Spartan.

   This is a nice model with some good details. Nothing Amazing but on this model it is just the colours I want to do him that has my head spinning. The rest of the army will be grey and yellow but he is a civilian at war not part of the regular forces so my brain struggles to see what colours I want to do him. I think red and black but then is that a bit dark. I am unsure of him.

Then all the Kingdom Death models.

   These Models really intimidate me. I have painted 2 so far but they get into my head and feed my painting insecurities. The models are nice and deserve a good paint job, one I do not think I am up to the task of just yet. Also they are not the cheapest models, the quality is worth it, and they are hard to come by which makes any mistake hard to rectify. So they sit in a drawer until I think I am ready to do them. God help me when the Kickstarter stuff arrives.

  So till I pluck up the courage to do these models they sit waiting. Now back to the Russians. Feel free to comment on which models intimidate you. Thanks



  1. Infinity models. I'm used to my Warhammer Vampire Counts - color block, Devlin mud wash, done. Between the studio paint jobs and a lot of great work shown in their forums, my Yu Jing are sitting with only primer on them.

    1. Infinity are some lovely detailed models and need individual attention, there seem to be no rank and file models, so I can understand. Thanks for the comment.