Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sturginium Wessels - Lets Paint the Pesets and the Traitorous Black Wolf

So to get the painting back in full swing I thought I would have a go at the Pesets Class Attack Submarine and the treacherous hounds of the Black Wolf (BW).

Here I had given them a coat of silver and bronze to give them a suitably Steampunk look. I had also given the BW a  blue wash. The Pesets torpedo turret is done in Tin Bitz to differentiate it from the body.

    Next off I gave the body a black wash with Babdad black and the water effects was painted Regal Blue. This was the washed with Asurmen blue, it came out a bit dark so I think I should have started with a lighter blue for the base. Oh well.

   Then added detail on the body such as the red panels and blue into the windows. I also drybrushed Boltgun and tidied up the copper.

Coke Vanilla is awesome, however in the UK it is import only. Boo
Adding an Enchanted blue Highlight to the waves and on the Left Peset an Ice blue highlight to that. Here you can see the difference it makes to the model just by putting a lighter shade around it.

 Here the highlight has been added to all and a blue horror edge paint used to put a white finish on the waves. Also I have added a couple of highlights to the body on the red panels and tidied it up a little.

   And thats the final models all done and ready to fight the enemies of the Tzar, apart from the Black Wolf IS an enemy. Super Simple.

 I shall put more in my Russian Coalition Gallery. Top right of the blog.



  1. Awesome stuff and good paint job! Was not keen on the waves effect but looks ok.

    1. I think the water is too dark. Next time I will start with a lighter base colour, as the contrast is too great. And thanks.