Sunday, 21 April 2013

Stirginium Wessels - Sky Ships

   So we move onto the Skyships for the RC. Again the colour scheme is Charadon Granite with wooden decking.
Tunguska Class Large Skyship
   These look like skyships, in that they are ships of the sky. It has that brutish look of the RC, no nonsense or superfluous structures here.

   Big cogs and big guns. The metal work is done with Dwarf bronze and Boltgun Metal. Then given a liberal washing with whatever GW are calling the black wash today.

   I went for red as the colour for the anti grav device, it is supposed to be a glow but I failed to capture that ah well.

Saransk Class Medium Skyship
   These follow the same design ethic. They have the Sky Ship look with nice fwd armour. Again with the Giant cogs, I guess this is steampunk. However they are nice models and are quite easy to paint.

Thats all this evening. Have a nice sunday!

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