Thursday, 13 September 2012

Allies Hero Pack Model review

As a test for my lightbox I thought I would put up a review of some dust models that was just handed to me by my ever suffering postman. Fist impressions are that they are of the usualy good quality of all dust miniatures. On looking at them a bit more objectively 2 of them are great and one is ok. 

   First up is the Priest. He is a great model with a nicely dynamic pose which encapulates his secret agent vibe nicely. He is detailed and willl look good painted.

Next up is Action Jackson. Another great model which i really like, the Paratrooper cool with his Hannibal cigar gives off the idea of a calm leader in the thick of it all. 

 In my opinion one of the best Dust models so far which is better in the flesh than in the pictures that FFG supply.

Last is Johhny One Eye which i am disappointed in as the undercoating provided by FFG has just about covered all the detail on his face. The model itself and the sculpt are fine just not up to the quality of the 2 previous models. 

The set purchased for £15, from Arcane miniatures, is good value as you are provided with nice models and they are ready to go. So generally a good set. And they dont have bad stats either!

The light box itself seems alright. I will just have to keep fiddling.


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