Sunday, 16 September 2012

Russian Coalition

So after Collecting my FSA, although I have yet to finish the painting, when i saw the Russians (RC) I knew i had to have them. They are the opposite of my FSA in that they are up close and have lots of big guns. They seem an easy fleet to use as well, point forwards and get there as fast as possible.

   The models as with all spartan models so far are excellent. Made of a hard resin, the only thing I found you must be careful of is the flash on the base of the ships. If you are a bit rough breaking it off it can take a small piece of the ship too. 

   The Small frigates are a bit wierd but are groing on me and the more I see of them, especially when painted, I like them. The RC has some nice little toys and it will be fun playing them after the long range fun of the FSA

   However i am not impressed with the stats of the bomber. It seems like a bit of a suicide bomber as its stats are not impressive. Maybe it will play better than they suggest or as a threat that need to dealt with by the opposing player drawing fire to stop them crashing into his big ships.

   Painting wise I am going for a dark grey on their ships with wooden decks. All the base colours are now on I just have to wash and detail.

   However that is the fiddly bit!



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