Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Starting The lizards

So the local club is starting an escalation league to get people to start new armies. I am in on this so have decided to start Lizardmen, as I usually play Vampires or Tomb Kings having to actually use psychology will be new. 

Starting at 500 points it will be quite limited. this is what i am using, as the lists are set once started it needs to be generic:

Skink priest lvl 1 with dispel scroll
Skinks x 20 with banner, 1xBrave and 2 Kroxigors
Salamander and 4 handlers
Chameleon skinks x 8

The general idea being i have some good salamder shooting, a nice core unit with some combat power, the chameleons should be able to take out warmachines or any light cavalry and a priest to be my general and cause some magical mayhem ( with only one spell though). Simple enough really.

 And I should be able to keep up with the painting!


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