Monday, 17 September 2012

Little Things That Make You Happy

   On my way to buy a rice cooker, I know contain your excitement, I passed my local ModelZone shop. Which I cannot resist popping in. Usually I only buy some super glue or a bit of paint. However this time I saw something that made my heart race and pulse quicken. Natalie Portman was not in the shop but a beautilully formed spinney thing with just the right curves was! A Tamiya painting stand set. 

   Purchasing said stand I am now energised to undercoat everything. However everything I need to paint is undercoated. But buying this small object has made me so happy because spraying is going to be so much easier and is going to make my modelling life quite a lot smoother. It just feels so wrong to be happy over a piece of plastic!

I love you so much, just don't tell anyone!

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