Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mortis Engine with Kingdom Death

One of the Units from the new Vampire book that I really enjoy using is the Mortis engine. It has consistantly worked for me in the games that I used it. And the model is great. So I added a Kingdom death model to it. 

   Kingdom Death are a great miniatures company. They produce some of the wierdest and greatest models, just look at the wet nurse if you want conformation of that.  They are made of a hard resin that has a very smooth surface and gives a very detailed model. The female models are quite sexualised, but in my opinion not in a pornographic way however some of the attire is fetishistic. 

 The Mortis engine model itelf is very nice and is one of my favourites, along with the coven throne but that just stinks up the place on the battlefield. The Engine has real presence on the battlefield, along with attracting every cannonball and missile. The Engine works exceedingly well as a support unit giving protection to the troops and when coupled with a corpse cart I found that my basic troops could actually be dangerous. Along with the magic buff that it gives an all round great unit. Caveat: In my opinion!
   The real problem I have with Kingdom death is that they are not always available and I only got the last lot of releases because I accidentally went to the website and they had just been released. And if you miss them by more than a day they are all gone! It works as a marketing tactic as they are always in demand, and the fact that they are good models of course. Another thing is I am afraid to actually paint them as I do not think I would do them justice!



  1. Nice look of the blues on the engine there. And agreed about the Kingdom Death models.. I just ordered a Forsaker. Waiting for it to arrive and hoping I can also do it justice!

    1. The Forsaker is another good model. I see it as maybe a chaos warlord or armoured vamp. Because they are good models, and not too cheap either, there is always extra pressure to get them done well. But after having seen your painting I am sure you will do it justice.