Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Operation Zverograd Miniatures

   Along with the Hero Pack reviewed earlier the Postman brought me the Dust Tactic Operation Zverograd Set. This includes the new rules for Tactics bringing the SSU and Fliers into Dust.

   I will just be looking at the models here as I do not have the requisite experience under my belt to say if the units are any good. I could theorise but I have absolutely no experience of the SSU, only the Axis and Allies units. Sorry.

    Anywhoo onto the models. Personally I am no a fan of the SSU walkers aesthetic and I think that this Grand'Ma, although looking dynamic, is leaning too far forward. I think that the thing that really bug me about it is that the walker has hands. Why? The guns are attached to the arms. They just look out of place to me. Maybe I am just being irrational and picky.

    It is well detailed and has nice little extras like the hand rungs and spotlight that do bring the model to life. And it has that brutally functional Soviet look to it. The walker looks like a weapon of war.

   The only other thing I would say is that when removing the model from the packaging there is a small armoured flap at the back that is actually quite fragile. And I popped it off when removing it. So be careful, it will glue back on easy enough,it is not FFG's fault it was mine for being too rough but be warned!

The Koshka model is nice. There is good detail and there was minimal flash on the model itself. As they come pre-primed sometimes the prime can be a little overdone however on her it has not and the detail is still there. 

The model itself nicely gives off the impression of  vulnerable person, she is a small, thin model with only a small side arm for a weapon. Inside her Walker she is at home, out of it she is out of place.

Overall nice models and as they come pre-made and primed they are ready out of the box. I relly think FFG are coming along nicely as a minis company. I have just got to find some love for the SSu walkers!



  1. Nice review, I like the general SSU look, I just have an issue with the running pose that some Dust minis have, especially with the big walkers it looks almost clown like. Otherwise neat stuff.

    1. Yes some of them look like they are about to fall over, mostly the armour 3 guys.