Sunday, 23 September 2012

Getting Schooled

Not sure if that is actually English but thats how I felt today! Had another 500 point game, one more to go. I got destroyed by Ogres. This is the only picture I really need to show:

Manhunter to the right of me and ogres to the front. Impact hits killed most of the unit and then the rest fell away to combat. However I did get an insane courage roll so I lasted one extra turn with 1 Kroxigor and my Priest. The only way I was going to win this one I think is by panicking the ogres and that did not happen. Skinks are too easy to kill in combat and the kroxigors could not do enough damage to mitigate for that. The salamander did eat a sabretusk though!

   I have one more game at 500 points, so it is time to start thinking about 1000 points. The way I am leaning at the moment is Saurus block. Something like:

19 x saurus
20 x saurus
8 x Cham Skinks
Skink Priest lvl 2
Scar Veteran
10 x skink skirmishers

No big monsters as I against skaven which will kill them easily with their warmachines, with their high toughness and good save the saurus may actually do something in combat. However that is alot of painting to get done for the next round.

   Lizardmen are a bunch of fun to play and I have really enjoyed using the chameleon skinks. They are a bit hit and miss but they have forced every opponent to divert attention to them, with maybe the exception being the ogres as they had to deal with them but that led to the position you see above. And that is where they are good for my army. The threat bubble they impose has been very nice.
   So the skink unit maybe benched for the next round. We shall see.


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