Friday, 14 September 2012

First Games with Lizards

After having my first 3 games at 500 points of lizards my army held up quite well. Even with 3 games i only took one photo and even that is blurry! so i will just do a quick synopsis. Ithey are only 500 points so last about 30 mins each, with only 3 units to push around it is quite quick.

Game 1 Vs Skaven

2 units of clan rats 
2 warpfire throwers 
1 warplightning cannon

This is a lucky draw by me really at the end all I had left was 1 chameleon skink and he had one clan rat unit. The chameleon skinks had killed the cannon. My Skrox unit had been killed by warpfire and run down in combat. One unit of his clan rats ran off the table after being burnt by the salamander. 
    It all came down to the last turn where he charged my loan skink with a warpfire thrower hoping to get an easy kill, I was too close to shoot. However my brave skink killed the thrower in combat. Leaving us with only his cheap rats and my expensive skink. A draw!

Game 2 Vs High Elves

18 Archers
10 spearmen
Lvl 1 wizard

Bolt thrower was shot up by my chameleons. Archers killed all the handlers from the salamander and monster reaction was stupid, at leadership 4 I was not going to get much use from him for the rest of the game. Ther archers were eaten by my skrox but this allowed a flank charge by the spearmen who beat me in combat as I could not get the kroxigors into combat. So they ran taking my chameleon skinks in panic. Next turn my skinks rallied but the skrow kept on going off the table. So it was basically my stupid salamander and Kinks vs the spearmen and his Lvl 1 wizard. However he had no offensive spells and i shot him to death and he paniced and ran off the board. A win!

Game 3 Vs Warriors of Chaos

Lvl 1 fire Sorcerer
2 x 5 Marauders
16 chaos warriors 2 hand weapons

Skinks attempted to shoot up his sorcerer 7 hits but he had a 4+ armour and ward save! 1 wound only. He then charged me with his sorcerer and i had positioned my skinks very close to him so could not stand and shoot. I decided to hold, which was a bad decision in hindsight. He won and ran them down.
  As shown in the phot above the skinks panicked the left unit of marauders  by shooting with javelins. The chaos warriors failed their charge so charged them. The salamander had died to a fireball. The combat went well for me, however they did kill my priest, and the warriors ran. However I could not catch them. At the end all I had destroyed was a unit of marauders and he had killed my general , salamander and chameleon skinks. A loss.

 Here are my initial thoughts

  1. With a leadership of 6, even with coldblooded, I cannot loose a combat.
  2. Skinks are very soft and kroxigors are very good. The unit works well but if the krox are not in the combat as happened against the elves I will lose.
  3. Taking a lvl 1 at this points level with only one spell is practically useless. Too many dispel dice.
  4. Chameleon skinks are great. But need good positioning as they will lose in combat, most of the time.

I have 2 more games at this level so hopefully I will have learnt  a bit more and be ready for 1000 points!


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