Wednesday, 19 September 2012

In need of an Intervention

I have a problem. Its name is Ebay.

   I have been trying to build up an Epic 40k collection and have found my love of all the game I used to play when growing up. So to supplement what I found in my parent's garage I began to go onto Ebay to get the stuff that is missing or the stuff that I never got.

   However I have gone overboard and now hav unopened boxes of old epic, stuff still on sprues and more boxed game sets than i know what to do with. This weekend I bought a job lot with random stuff in it, someone else's garage find I expect.

  It contained Warhammer, Epic, Old 2nd ed rules, Blood Bowl and Man O'War. Hopefully no spider eggs though.

   With this package came the realisation that I have become a hoarder, not only that I have become a hoarder without purpose. I need to stop. It is going to take days to sort this out.

   And yet i still find myself flicking back to Ebay to see if anything else has come up. I am just going to have to go cold turkey on this. I am sure ther is no rehab for Ebay addiction, although I could do with a holiday.



  1. I know how you feel! I kept ebaying going off and on for 5 years and now have over 500 OOP Praetorians, over 300 OOP Necrons and many other old stuff that I never had when I was a kid. It was when I moved house that I realised that I have way too much. I've been 'clean' now for 2 years. ;)

    1. Thanks for the support! I am moving house at the end of the year and I am afraid of having to face up to what I have got. And that is quite a haul of praetorians, you must have some big shelve!

  2. I understand too, and you've got some great stuff in that pile.

    1. Oh yes the haul is quite good. I think the tipping point was getting it all at once though!