Friday, 21 September 2012

I am Skink Hear me Squeak

Getting some lizards painted as they have 2 more games at 500 points and I would like to have them done before we get to 1000. They are base coated and washed now. I have also given them a quick dry brush with Skink blue.

   This is the first time I have used the new Citadel dry stuff. And it is a bit weird, almost mousse like. And I can see that it would be quited easy to over do, just like normal drybrushing. But it looks like it will give a nice effect.

                                                       " He is right behind me isn't he"

   I have tried to keep the blue muted as they are to be on desert bases and I do not want the juxtaposition of the Lizardman blue to to be too much. So a black wash was applied and only slightly highlighted. The Dheneb stone scales should blend quite nicely with the bases too. But I will have to see when the bases get done.

They belong to Sotek as denoted by their red crests, they have eaten rats and been eaten in return by the foul rat men so Sotek should not be too unhappy.  The Kroxigors are done in the same scheme so should seamlessly fit into the unit. The only thing that i am unhappy about so far is that I have left mould lines on some of them and it came up during the washing. I will have to live with that though.


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  1. Looking good (also had a good chuckle at the top picture). I do like the kroxigor models and gives the unit a bit of presence too. Nice work.