Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Skink Skirmisher Base

This is one idea I have shamelessly stolen. At my local club I have seen two different skirmisher bases and actually liked the way they look. So I thought I would make one for my beloved Chameleon skinks. The bases the army will be on are ruins with a scrubland look. I have ordered a load from Fantascape, hopefully here next week so I can finish off my skinks.

   First off got them in position 1/2 inch apart, crazy Imperial measurements! Marked off their position.

Then filled in the spaces with a sand/flock mix that I use for desert scrub.

   Made sure all the Skinks then fitted, then started to add the tall grass. I wanted to give the skinks the look of stalking through long grass and not just sat out in the open.

   Then I realised that this was going to take along time to do. So went and had some tea. It looks quite messy at the moment and is way too long so I need to trim it. ( Insert bawdy joke as you see fit) So tomorrow I get to finish it and hopefully it will look like long grass and not some unkempy hedgehog with lizard fleas.


1 comment:

  1. No dirty jokes this time! Is a good idear and look forward to seeing the finished piece. On a side note glad you found a good use for the express, can't think of a better one than covering it with flock and glue ;)